RunPhysio was established to provide specialist advice in order for you to achieve your best results. It is aimed at improving strength, flexibility and overall posture whilst running and/or walking. It targets the areas that you need to work on in order to make your running and or walking more efficient and effective.

With systematic practice of specific exercises RunPhysio has proven effective not only as a fitness regime in itself, but also as an important complement to physical rehabilitation of all kind.



RunPhysio will aim to

  • Improve your running and walking technique
  • Increase endurance
  • Aid injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Reduce stress, helping you relax and unwind
  • Enhance body awareness
  • Improve balance and form
  • Increase enjoyment



RunPhysio focuses on teaching adults and children effective and efficient running as well as good biomechanics which will increase your endurance.

At school we were never taught to run or walk, we just got on with it. We then lead increasingly sedentary type lifestyles which mean that our bodies have adopted postures which may well impact on how we run and or walk. With just a bit of advice and effort we can have a profound effect on our running and walking.

Working closely with Chartered Physiotherapists, Sports Injury Consultants, Walking and Running coaches as well as Running Shoe Specialist we can offer a comprehensive service for your running and walking needs.

Bring your current running shoes
and a pair of shorts